Honey Bees Remedies - Health from the Bee Hive

Honey,Candles,Skin Care and more,,,
M&R Bees - honeybee's remedies
is part of M&R Orchards Tillsonburg, a family owned business.
We are focused on keeping all of our products all natural.
Our bees are hard at work to provide our customers with their delicious honey.
Beside regular 100% raw unpasteurized honey, we also sell flavored creamed honeys, comb honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and
100% pure handmade beeswax candles
and our own line "BEE NATURAL" skin care.
Our bees are now ready for winter.
They have been fed and the entrances are reduced to keep mice out and reduce drafts.
Over the winter we will start cleaning our equipment and supers, frames and bottom boards, so we are ready for next spring.
It's always a joy to see the first bees out and about with the warmer days starting again, hoping that spring isn't to far away.